7 Best Free Traffic Websites

Free traffic is one of the most sort out after traffic sources by affiliate marketers or digital marketers as a whole and in this article, I will show you some of the best free traffic sources that you can use to post your affiliate links or website links.

Free traffic is a way to get eyes to your affiliate links or websites in order to get sales. This traffic source is the most preferred, especially by beginners who are not ready to spend money on ads or pay traffic.

There are many sources to get free eyeballs to your websites and affiliate links from social media to email to websites, and in this article I will be listing down some of the best websites that you can use as your free traffic source.


Gab is a social media website that looks very much like Facebook in appearance as it has similar feeds, Marketplace, and Groups.

Gab currently has over 9.8 million monthly visitors according to Similarweb, and these are the eyeballs that you want to direct to your website or affiliate links. Additionally, most of its traffic comes from tier 1 countries including the United States, United Kingdom, Canada and Australia.

This is important especially if you are promoting products from affiliate networks as they usually pay more commissions for traffic from these regions.

You can promote on Gab by posting just the way you would do on Facebook and you can also post on groups. Just be careful when posting on groups because you can be easily banned. 

One of my favorite ways is to create your own group and post content including your affiliate links there. The only downside to this is that it’s slow as you don’t have any followers yet, so patience will have to be practiced here.

What I always do and highly recommend anyone getting into affiliate marketing especially with free traffic is to collect emails. This is how you will expand your customer base and grow your email list which you can use to retarget them with the same product or other products.

Rather than just posting naked affiliate links, you should be collecting emails on these free social platforms so that even if you get banned, you will have email addresses.

In order to collect emails, you will have to create a landing page that will include name and email text capture boxes and a signup button.


Mastodon is a social media site with over 3 million monthly visits that you can also use for free traffic to your websites and affiliate links.

But unlike Gap you can’t post on groups nor create a group but you can only post on the site timeline. This is still very effective because your post will be seen by millions and not necessarily people who are following you.

Mastodon’s main source of traffic is also USA, followed by Germany, Turkey and UK which means you will be getting quality traffic to your website or affiliate links.

But just like any other social media website, your account can easily get banned so be sure to use a landing page to hide your affiliate links and also collect emails.

3. Quora


Quora is one of the largest online forums where people come to ask questions and get answers from real people and this is also another source of traffic that you can use to get more eyeballs to your websites and affiliate links.

Quora is my personal favorite source of traffic for so many reasons. Firstly it has over 700 million monthly visits ranking 60 worldwide. With this many eyeballs to your affiliate links or to your websites, you are bound to get sales. 

Secondly in Quora, you can target questions related to your niche and answer them. This is very effective because you can include snippets from your website and throw in links to the full article or an affiliate link.

The best thing about answering questions is that you do not need to think too hard about answering questions as you can also ask ChatGPT to do it for you.

Thirdly, Quora has a feature known as Spaces which are pretty much like Facebook pages that you can create to promote your brand, website and affiliate products. Spaces have helped me grow my brand and still doing so as well as increase traffic to my websites.

One thing you don’t want to do is get your Space closed or answers deleted as this will slow your traffic. This only happens when you violate their terms usually by directly promoting an affiliate product. You also want to approach this by promoting with landing pages.

4. Medium


Medium is a large platform where people write articles on pretty much any topic including affiliate marketing and methods of making money online.

Medium is also a popular platform that generates over 134 million monthly visits which you can use to your advantage to get free traffic to your website or affiliate link. Additionally, most of its traffic comes from USA and India, so you still get quality traffic for your affiliate products.

You can simply create an account and start writing articles centered around your niche and throw in affiliate links or your website link. People can interact with your articles by hitting on the ‘clap’ button. This gets your article recommended by the algorithm, getting you traffic and growing your following.

The only downside with Medium is the inability to create groups or pages where you can promote and grow your brand or affiliate product. But the fact that it has one of the largest monthly visits, makes up for being one of the best free traffic sources.

5. Reddit


Reddit is a platform where people join communities of various topics and is also one of the largest social websites that get over 1.7 billion monthly visits. This is one platform that you definitely want to get your traffic from.

Reddit also has most of its traffic coming from tier 1 countries like the USA, Canada, the UK, Australia, and Germany. In order to promote anything here, you have to sign up just like any other social media platform, join and contribute by commenting on communities.

My preferred strategy is creating a community centered around your niche placing articles and affiliate links. But to grow your community, you have to follow members from other communities, add your comments as well as upvote comments. 

You basically have to be active on other communities and this also grows your Reddit karma which is used to gauge your impact on the platform and this also grows your trust with other Redditors.

6. Mewe


Mewe is a social media website that also resembles Facebook and Gab but with minimal features. You can create groups and pages as well as chat with friends using dedicated easy-to-access buttons.

Mewe gets over 5.7 million monthly visits with its main source of traffic coming from the USA at 55% followed by UK and Germany. As an affiliate marketer, this is where you want to see most of your traffic coming from.

What I love about Mewe is its simplicity, how you can easily access features and create groups and pages. You will be able to post your affiliate links or promote your websites on other groups as  well. Just be sure to use landing pages to hide your links when posting on other peoples groups.

One strategy I use is follow members from groups. Mewe lets you follow a certain number of members per day and is great because these members are also likely to follow you back growing your audience and traffic.

7. Tumblr


Tumblr is one of the oldest and most underrated social media platforms that I don’t hear many people talk about. According to Similarweb, this website gets over 200 million monthly visits with the United States being the number one source of traffic at 45% followed by UK, Canada and Australia.

But just like Mastodon, you cannot create groups or pages or communities or spaces but you can only post on the site timeline which will gain you direct massive traffic especially if you use the correct tags and posting constantly.