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How To Make Money with Articles and Google by Copy Pasting

There are many videos out there in YouTube about how you can make money with copy pasting articles but most of these strategies no longer work and if they do they take a lot of work to be able to get it right. Well in this article, I show you how you can use the copy paste method in an easier way without the need to copy directly from articles but from popular YouTube videos.

This is a method to make money by creating articles from YouTube content without writing them yourself. Here’s a step-by-step guide:

1. Finding Content

Search YouTube for trending videos in your niche (e.g., AI tools), filter by view count, and select longer videos with high view counts.

2. Extracting Transcript

Use a YouTube extension to extract the transcript of the selected video.

3. Using ChatGPT

Paste the transcript into ChatGPT and prompt it to write an article based on the transcript. Adjust the title slightly to avoid duplication.

4. Creating a Website

Use Google Sites to create a free website. Choose a template, name your site, and customize the homepage and other sections.

5. Publishing Articles

For each article, create a new page on your site, paste the ChatGPT-generated content, and format it properly. Include H1 and H2 tags and remove any specific mentions of the original video or creator. Credit the original content creator at the end of the article.

6. Monetizing the Website

Add affiliate links, PDFs, or digital products related to your articles. Sign up for Google AdSense to display ads on your site.

7. Using Alternative Tools

Optionally, use AI website builders like Pineapple AI to create a more professional-looking website quickly.

8. Custom Domain

Purchase a custom domain from a provider like Hostinger to make your site look more professional.

9. Applying for AdSense

Ensure your site has multiple articles before applying for Google AdSense. This will increase your chances of getting approved.


Detailed Guide

Step 1: Finding Content

1. Go to YouTube and search for trending videos in your niche (e.g., “best AI tools”).
2. Use the filter option to sort by view count.
3. Select a video that is at least 10 minutes long with high views.

Step 2: Extracting Transcript

1. Use a browser extension to download the transcript of the selected video.
2. Copy the transcript to your clipboard.

Step 3: Using ChatGPT

1. Paste the transcript into ChatGPT.
2. Prompt ChatGPT to rewrite the transcript into an article. For example: “Based on the transcript above, write an article titled ‘The Truth About AI and ChatGPT: What You Need to Know’.”
3. Specify the desired word count if needed (e.g., 2000 words).

Step 4: Creating a Website

1. Go to Google Sites and create a new site.
2. Choose a template from the gallery.
3. Customize the site name and sections. For example, name it “AI Reboot”.
4. Edit the homepage to include sections like “Top AI Blogs” and other relevant categories.

Step 5: Publishing Articles

1. Create a new page for each article generated by ChatGPT.
2. Paste the article content and format it properly. Remove any hashes or specific mentions of the original source.
3. Add H1 and H2 tags for titles and headings.
4. Add images to make the article visually appealing.
5. Include a line crediting the original YouTube content creator.

Step 6: Monetizing the Website

1. Add affiliate links to relevant products within your articles.
2. Include links to PDFs or other digital products for sale.
3. Sign up for affiliate networks like Amazon Associates to find products to promote.

Step 7: Using Alternative Tools

1. Consider using AI website builders like Pineapple AI to create your website faster.
2. Follow the prompts to generate a site layout and add your articles.

Step 8: Custom Domain

1. Purchase a custom domain from a provider like Hostinger.
2. Connect the custom domain to your Google Site or AI-built site for a professional URL.

Step 9: Applying for AdSense

1. Ensure your site has multiple articles (at least 3-5) before applying for Google AdSense.
2. Follow the AdSense application process and wait for approval.

By following these steps, you can create a content-rich website quickly and monetize it through various streams such as ad revenue, affiliate marketing, and digital product sales.