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How to Start a Horror Channel With ChatGPT And Midjourney

In this Make Money Online tutorial, I’m going to show you how you can use AI to generate horror style animation images for YouTube videos. This is how you can actually make horror stories for YouTube videos just by using complete AI i.e ChatGPT and Midjourney.

Now, horror stories are just an example, you can use different types of stories you can even use romance, you can use action, you can use adventure, but horror stories tend to be more captivating so I’m going to be showing you in this tutorial how you can actually create these types of horror stories and start a YouTube channel based on the horror genre.

Step 1. Write a script

The first thing you are going to do is open ChatGPT to write a script. So what you are going to tell ChatGPT for example is, ‘write me a 1000 word horror story for adults.’

You want to specify for adults because it will usually give you kids horror stories.

Once you enter, ChatGPT will write a full horror story of which you can use for your YouTube video.

In the example shown above, you can see ChatGPT has created a story based on ‘a small town of Ravenswood’. So what you want to do is, for every paragraph, you want to create an image that will translate to the story. Which means you want to have an image or two for every paragraph.

Step 2. Generate images

To portray the story visually, you need to create images and we are going to be using Midjourney to generate our images. Here’s how.

Open Midjourney and from the prompt enter, ‘/imagine a small town in Ravenswood’.

This will generate four images about a small town in Ravenswood from which you can upscale any and also create variations. 

Once you have upscaled and selected the image you want to use for the first paragraph, you can generate another image for the next paragraph by finding a relevant sentence. For example, from the image below, you can use the sentence, ’a group of young adults exploring a room’.

This sentence was extracted from the first line of the second paragraph of the story and this is what you want to paste onto Midourney prompt to generate an image.

From here, you are going to repeat the same process by selecting the best image from the four and upscaling it to look better. 

You are going to repeat this process for every paragraph in the story to come up with a complete visual representation.

Once you are done, be sure to download all the images.

Step 3. Combine the script with the images

Once you have generated all the images for every paragraph, you will need to combine them all with the script to come up with a comprehensive horror story.

To do this we are going to need a video editor. One of the best video editors for this is Filmora as it is very easy to use and beginner friendly.

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Once you download the software, you are going to import all the images, on to the editor timeline and use the script from ChatGPT to do a voice-over. 

Another thing you want to do is add background audio. You can get these from YouTube’s audio library and look for ‘Dark Mood’ music which will resonate well with our horror story. 

For a more detailed tutorial, look at the video tutorial here

Step 4. Export and upload video to YouTube

Once you have completed editing your video, you can now export/download and upload it to YouTube. You can actually use ChatGPT to write a YouTube title and description or a synopsis for your video.

Just keep in mind that you will need at least 1000 subscribers and 4000 watch hours to be a able to get monetized and start earning from Google Adsense.

Additionally, you can get your channel to grow much faster by using the best keywords relevant to your video with help of a tool called VidIQ. VidIq not only helps you get the best keywords but also the best title suggestions to use.

Wrapping up

With this strategy, you can create multiple horror videos if you intent to stick to the horror genre or create other type of videos like adventure, documentaries, love stories and so on. 

If you combine this with consistency, you are guaranteed to be on your way to earning passive income.