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Earn Money Promoting Clickbank Affiliate Products Using LinkedIn

Now, not too many people utilize Linkedin, especially affiliate marketers but it’s a very big source of traffic and you can actually take advantage of its free traffic source. And just to prove to you how much traffic Linkedin gets if you come over to SimilarWeb, you can see it’s currently ranking number 16 globally, and over 1 billion visits every single month.

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Another thing that you want to look at is the main source of traffic. United States is the main source of traffic for Linkedin and as an affiliate marketer this is what you want, you want most of your traffic coming from the United States, and besides, most of the products that we promote usually want traffic from the United States, especially CPA offers.
So what you can do here on LinkedIn and how you can promote a product is by writing an article. You won’t have to write an article yourself. So don’t worry if you’re not a good writer. We are going to be using ChatGPT to write our articles.
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The first thing that you’d like to do you can go over to ClickBank to find an affiliate product to promote. And by the way, it doesn’t have to be ClickBank, there are tons of affiliate networks out there including Digistore24, MoreNiche, JVZoo, Warrior Plus, and more.

If you do not have a ClickBank account, create one and go to the Marketplace to find a product. In this example, we will be using a product from E-business and E-marketing but you can use any category depending on your preferred niche.

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I recommend you look for a product with a high gravity score. The Paid Online Writing Jobs has a gravity score of 196, which is good since a good gravity score is above 100 and the payout is $103.

Step 2. Write an article around the product

Now that we have found an affiliate product, we are going to write an article around its niche, which is online writing. To do this we are going to go to ChatGPT and ask it to write a blog post on online writing jobs.

The prompt we are going to use is from a powerful Google Chrome extension called AIPRM and its one of the best Chrome extensions for ChatGPT.

You will need to first download it, refresh ChatGPT, the interface will look different and you will search for the prompt called Smart and Detailed Article (H tags). This prompt will write a long (about 500 words) article with H tags which is required for SEO, complete with written titles and sub-titles.

chatgpt aiprm extension

Once you have selected the prompt, you will type the title of the article you want to write about and click enter. In this case Online Writing Jobs. The prompt will then write you a detailed SEO-optimized article complete with a conclusion.

Step 3. Paste the article on LinkedIn

Now that we have written the article, the next step will be to paste it on our LinkedIn profile. Log in to your LinkedIn and click on Write Article.

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On the headlines section, you will enter the title of your article, again I will just enter Online Writing Jobs. After that, you can place a blog image to make the article look professional. You can get an image from Pexels


After that, you can now go back to ChatGPT and copy the article to paste it on LinkedIn.


Step 4. Placing an affiliate link

Once you have pasted your article, you can now place affiliate products. This is how we are going to make money with our blog. 

Go back to ClickBank and copy your hoplink/affiliate link.


On the article we will write a short sentence relating to affiliate product. We can say something like, ‘Get paid to do simple online writing jobs’. You want to write this at the bottom of the article.


We will then place our hoplink/affiliate link here. But before we do that we want to mask our affiliate link since most websites, especially social sites are not comfortable with affiliate links, particularly from Clickbank.

We are going to mask or shorten our affiliate link with Bitly. Simply head over to and scroll down on the site till you see Shorten your link.

Paste your ClickBank affiliate link and click on shorten and copy the shortened link.


We can now head back to LinkedIn and use the shortened link. You will need to highlight the sentence at the bottom and click on Add URL Link, paste the bitly link then click on Apply. This will turn the sentence blue indicating that its a link.


So this is pretty much how you can make money online with LinkedIn and ClickBank using AI to write for you SEO-optimized articles.

LinkedIn gets billions of views every month and if you are consistent with this method, you will be on your way to make your first money online and you can then aim for high-ticket affiliate products.