21 Best Affiliate Marketing Software for 2024

In this article, we go through 21 Best Affiliate Marketing Software for 2023 so you can find the best platform for your business.

Affiliate marketing is among the most profitable methods of generating passive money. Basically, it gives businesses the opportunity to promote their goods through an affiliate in exchange for a commission. 

This greatly broadens the consumer reach compared to traditional marketing at a lower cost and risk. The use of affiliate marketing software is a crucial component of any plan for developing a successful affiliate marketing campaign. 

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Post Affiliate Pro

  • Free full set-up
  • Customizable interface
  • Real-time data reporting
  • Commission groups
  • 24/7/365 customer support
  • Multitier commissions
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  • Easy set-up commission structure
  • Marketing and recruitment automation
  • Real-time commission tracking
  • One-click integrations
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  • Major Direct to Consumer (DTC) Ecommerce Platforms
  • 30+ Turnkey Integrations
  • 2,000+ App Integrations
  • Commission, payment, and tax automation

Using affiliate marketing software, companies can track and manage their affiliate program, including the ability to pay affiliates compensation for their referrals or purchases. These programs frequently have tracking linkages, real-time reporting, and payment administration capabilities.

Here are a few of the top affiliate marketing platforms to get your projects off the ground, manage them, and scale them.

post affiliate pro site

Post Affiliate Pro is available in more than 100 countries and is the top reviewed affiliate marketing software. The corporation has handed out over $500 million in commissions to its 100 million affiliates. Additionally, it has received several honors for its affiliate management software, customer happiness, and referral software.

Post Affiliate Pro is simpler to adapt for your business because it works with more than 200 CMSs and payment gateways. You may build various banners for your promotions using the platform’s branding function, and you’ll also get free lifetime upgrades. Additionally, the program features an outstanding customer support staff that is accessible 24/7 on a variety of contact channels.

Key features

  • Free full set-up
  • Customizable interface
  • Real-time data reporting
  • Commission groups
  • 24/7/365 customer support
  • Multitier commissions

Price: starts at $129 a month with a 14-day free trial.

lead dyno site

LeadDyno, a pioneer in affiliate management, has tallied over 81 million referrals and over $235 million in affiliate revenues in 2021. Over 25 platforms can be integrated with it, and you may install them all with a single click. These comprises of marketing platforms, payment processors, CRM, and e-commerce.

The affiliate gateway, which you can personalize with your logo, color scheme, and welcome message, is one of LeadDyno’s most intriguing features. You can also post your marketing materials for affiliates to view and distribute on various platforms as well as  provide your affiliates with newsletters, rewards, and trackable promo coupons.

Key features

  • Easy set-up commission structure
  • Marketing and recruitment automation
  • Real-time commission tracking
  • One-click integrations
  • Multiple tracking options
  • Customizable payment scheme

Price: Starts at $49 per month with a free 30-day trial.

refersion site

Refersion transformed from a beta product to a successful business in a few of years. The affiliate marketing network has approximately 60,000 users after seven years in business. It is a popular among partners and retailers due to its excellent customer care. Even onboarding seminars and training are available to new clients, allowing them to evaluate the functionality of the program.

Additionally, the Refersion marketplace displays affiliates for you to find, assisting in the speedier expansion of your program. Affiliates receive a customized site with a dashboard where they can keep an eye on their activity, payments, and commissions. 

Refersion’s free listing of your affiliate program on the market makes you discoverable in turn. All significant e-commerce systems, including Shopify, Salesforce Commerce Cloud, Magento (an Adobe Company), BigCommerce, and WooCommerce, are compatible with Refersion.

Key features

  • Major Direct to Consumer (DTC) Ecommerce Platforms
  • 30+ Turnkey Integrations
  • 2,000+ App Integrations powered by Zapier
  • Commission, payment, and tax automation
  • Dashboard customization
  • Real-time and easy-to-read reports

Price: starts at $99 a month with a 14-day free trial.

4. Kartra

kartra site

Kartra, the all-in-one platform for managing your business, controls and records your affiliate sales, enabling you to rapidly and effectively assemble a team of sales representatives without the strain of complicated calculations.

The affiliate management system that comes with Kartra evaluates applications for affiliates using questionnaires, customizes payment schedules, creates affiliate links, and even automatically pays your affiliates depending on criteria you choose.

Additionally, at a reasonable price, Kartra offers amazing royalty-free images that you can use for your sites as well as video lessons that will show you how to utilize the platform.

Key features

  • Training Tutorials
  • 24/7 customer support
  • Free royalty free pictures

Price: starts at $99 a month with no free trial

5. InviteReferrals

invite referrals site

InviteReferrals is an Easy-to-Setup Referral Marketing Software to Setup Referral Programs like Refer a Friend, Tell a Friend, Refer & Earn Programs. It helps businesses in increasing their sales through word-of-mouth promotion, affiliate marketing, affiliate programs, advocacy referral, loyalty programs, e-commerce referral programs, and BFSI referral programs.

Numerous campaigns, several languages, loyalty points, wallet integration, instant gratification, and custom requirements are among the features.

Additionally, InviteReferrals offers live training videos, excellent customer service, and assistance in creating referral strategies to promote mobile application downloads.

Key features

  • Email/Online
  • Fraud Detection
  • Social Promotion
  • Banner Management
  • Multi Level Marketing (MLM)

Price: starts at $99 a month with a 14-day free trial. 

affiliate wp

Are you looking for a dependable affiliate marketing solution for your WordPress website? AffiliateWP works with the WordPress eCommerce, form, and membership plugins that run your website and is simple to use. Start increasing your sales by using affiliates to market your goods.

AffiliateWP scales with you, properly records referrals, and assists you in managing your affiliates. It contains several features and other add-ons for even greater capability. AffiliateWP is prepared to assist you in expanding your company!

AffiliateWP is made for WordPress site owners who wish to hire and pay affiliates a flat rate or percentage compensation for advertising their websites and who sell goods or services.

Key features

  • Advanced affiliate tracking
  • Affiliate growth tools
  • 1-Click payouts
  • Affiliate growth tools
  • Easy setup
  • Banner Management
  • Email/Online
  • Social Promotion

Price: starts at $149/year with no free trial

impact site

Impact.com is a powerful and highly-regarded platform for managing partnerships that is intended to redefine and maximize various relationship kinds, such as publishers, affiliates, and influencers, for the expansion of businesses.

With the platform’s automation technologies and discovery capabilities, impact.com enables you to find fresh talent and create your perfect team. You can define your own conditions, use flexible, paperless contracting, and pay your partners across borders thanks to its reliable contract and pay solutions.

It also enables you to engage and track partners, safeguard your affiliate program against fraud, keep an eye on compliance, and organize your partner management activities.

Key features

  • Partner management workflow automation
  • Automated nurture campaigns
  • Automated drip campaigns for partners
  • Recruitment pipeline dashboard
  • Cross-device customer tracking
  • Accurate, consistent partner tracking without cookies
  • Paperless contract creation and automatic payments for partners

Price: Upon request for brands and partners. However, you can request a demo

tapfilliate site

The 93% customer satisfaction score for Tapfiliate speaks for itself. This platform, which puts customer satisfaction at its center, is supported by more than 2,000 users. In addition, Tapfiliate is a member of the Amitad network, which brings together advertisers and affiliates on a single platform.

Additionally, this affiliate monitoring program guarantees total brand management. The platform allows you to handle marketing materials and promotions as well as personal links and sign-up sites.

Affiliates may find this appealing, and you can even add them with an invite URL. You can build bespoke connectors in addition to those with more than 30 SaaS platforms.

Key features

  • Commission flexibility
  • Real-time program reporting
  • Step-by-step onboarding
  • Sales tracking links and coupons
  • Integrations with more than 30 platforms
  • White-labeled affiliate pages
  • Custom integrations

Price: starting at $59 a month with a 14-day free trial.

9. Voluum


Voluum is a great  cloud-based ad tracker for media buyers, agencies, and affiliate marketers that makes ad campaign tracking, optimization, and automation simple. You can immediately increase your ROI and improve the effectiveness of your advertising using Voluum.

Voluum gives companies of all sizes the ability to measure, manage, optimize, and grow ad campaigns through marketing attribution and affiliate tracking.

It gathers specific information on your visitors and conversions and aids in your discovery of the most lucrative combinations of traffic, adverts, landing pages, and offers.

Key features

  • Banner Management
  • Fraud Detection
  • Social Promotion
  • Video Tutorials
  • Campaign Optimization
  • Dedicated account management
  • 1on1 onboarding & support

Price: starting from $89.00/month with free trial

10. Everflow

everflow site

Everflow, a business that was founded in 2016, has already recorded $1.1 billion in payouts and more than $1.9 billion in revenue as of 2021. Merchants may manage many types of partnerships with Everflow, including influencers, offline placements, and media purchasing. The platform also provides brands, agencies, and ad networks with a customized action plan (from prelaunch to hyperscale).

You may easily track and compile performance reports using Everflow’s Direct Linking functionality. Along with Facebook and Google Ads, it also functions with the built-in shopping carts of the program, which you can quickly configure.

Key features

  • Direct linking
  • Instant cart setup
  • 24/7 customer support
  • Variance reports
  • Coupon code reward 
  • Performance and impression tracking and analytics

Price: starts at $750 a month.

affiliatly site

Affiliatly is a great choice if you’re on a tight budget. Look into their Pro Unlimited package, which is only $129 each month and supports unlimited affiliates. Additionally, it offers a 90-day free trial that doesn’t need you to provide any financial information. Affiliatly boasts a wealth of features yet being inexpensive, which allows it to compete with other affiliate marketing programs.

Multiple platforms, including Shopify and WooCommerce, are officially supported by Affiliatly. Affiliatly also offers JavaScript and PHP codes for all your unsupported e-commerce sites to assist you in integrating them on the platform. You may use this referral management tool to examine your website and determine whether it is appropriate for the platform.

Key features

  • Custom integration for unsupported platforms
  • Individual affiliate management
  • Gift card rewards for affiliates
  • Performance and activity tracking
  • Quick link generation
  • Shareable content

Price: starts from $16 a month with a 90-day free trial.

flexoffers site

FlexOffers is a prestigious performance-based platform with more than 12,000 affiliate programs. Each domain is assigned to an account manager skilled in affiliate marketing by the program. Additionally, the platform’s support staff is easily reachable by phone, email, and a ticket system after hours.

One of FlexOffer’s most notable features is the advertising interface. It makes your promos available to publications and gives you real-time access to performance reports. 

Moreover, you’ll be able to view the overall number of conversions that your campaign has brought in as well as which prospective clients have visited your website.

Key features

  • Real-time traffic reporting
  • Advanced payment options
  • Cookie-less tracking
  • Cookie-less tracking

Price: Upon request

omnistar site

Omnistar Affiliate is one of the best-rated and most-reviewed affiliate software options. 16,000 companies across a range of sectors, including real estate, healthcare, and e-commerce, use it.

You’ll be glad to hear that it interfaces with hundreds of applications, like Shopify, WooCommerce, BigCommerce, and Squarespace, if you want to use it to support your eCommerce business.

Regarding integrations, Omnistar Affiliate offers comprehensive Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter integration. As a result, your affiliates won’t have any trouble promoting their link on these popular social networks to gain greater visibility.

Key features

  • Promo code tracking
  • Exclusive influencer directory
  • User-friendly setup wizard
  • Social media sharing
  • Multi-level marketing

Price: starts at $47 per month with 15 day free trial

share a sale site

With more than 16,000 merchants and 225,000 active partners worldwide, ShareASale has been in business for more than 20 years. The platform aims to strengthen bonds between partners and customers. It produced $194 million in revenue in 2021.

It would be easy for you and your affiliates to communicate using ShareASales user-friendly interface. The configuration of your program, including the duration of your report and the data to track, will be completely under your control.

The platform’s automatic marketing emails can help you save time, and configurable commissions and affiliate incentives can encourage your affiliates.

Key features

  • Cookie-less tracking
  • Real-time performance insights
  • Customizable reports
  • Custom commissions

Price: For merchants, there is a $625 one-time network sign-up charge and a minimum deposit of $125 into your account.

aitrillion site

Save 96% with AiTrillion, the only Shopify and Magento All-in-One Ecommerce Marketing Automation Platform. 11+ marketing features with AI support. 200K plus installs 175 nations.

Email, loyalty incentives, push notifications on the web, customer reviews, pop-ups, announcement bars, affiliates, membership, form builders, deep segmentation, predictive analytics, reporting, personalization, etc. Five-star rating on G2, Capterra, and Shopify. maximized customer acquisition, engagement, and experience; increased sales; and stopped churn.

Key features

  • Reports and Analytics
  • Customer Segmentation
  • Customer Timeline
  • AI capabilities
  • Web Push Notification
  • Workflow Automation

Price: starts at $15/month with a 14 das yfree trial

circlewise site

Circlewise powers internal affiliate programs for B2B and B2C businesses of all sizes in all countries, on all platforms, and in all industry verticals, including fintech, travel, e-commerce, and services.

In order to expand their affiliate marketing forever, marketers can use the platform to effectively manage their relationships with affiliates, influencers, media buyers, and ad networks.

Key features

  • Banner Management
  • Email/Online
  • Fraud Detection
  • Social Promotion

Price: $407/month with a free trial

17. TUNE

tune site

98% of customers are satisfied with TUNE. They introduced the first software program to assess the success of mobile app marketing campaigns. Since then, the firm has increased the scope of its offerings to meet the demands of all forms of performance partnerships, including ad networks, influencer networks, and publisher companies.

TUNE allows you to track your progress on a PC, mobile device, and app at any time. Even better, you may raise your net profit and save time by using the software’s performance automation capabilities.

Moreover, you can even receive precise and timely data reports on the performance of your campaign thanks to the platform’s cookie-less server postback tracking.

Key features

  • Automated workflow and pay-out schemes
  • Access across various digital platforms
  • Customer support
  • Real-time reporting
  • Customizable payment rules

Price: While the plan for networks begins at $899 per year, the plan for advertisers costs $599 yearly. A trial period is offered for each plan.

cj site

Since 1998, CJ Affiliate, an affiliate marketing network, has earned the confidence of over 3,800 businesses all around the world. CJ Affiliates merchants have increased their income to 30% just in their first year. 

It is important to note that the platform has about 170,000 affiliates, which makes them a strong partner ecosystem. You can be sure that you are in compliance with privacy laws while working with CJ Affiliate. 

With its advanced technology, fraud detection and eradication is promised on the network. In addition, you may receive specialist protection in enabling your program regulations, and the platform also evaluates affiliates prior to their first payment.

Key features

  • Custom commissions
  • Omnichannel integrations
  • Intuitive platform
  • Real-time insights and analytics
  • Easy integration to eCommerce platforms
  • Flexible compensations

Price: Upon request

referral rock site

Referral Rock is one of the best referral program software options that you can use to benefit from word-of-mouth promotions. To guarantee that your best affiliates continue to be active, it also provides partner and affiliate marketing tools.

The largest eCommerce systems including Shopify, Magento, Squarespace, and 3dcart are among the more than 25 connections that are available. You may use it to advertise your affiliate marketing program on a variety of marketing channels, such as by embedding it in your website, for instance.

Its extremely customizable incentive possibilities are one of its most alluring aspects. There are many different sorts of incentives you may develop that will get people’s attention, from time-based offers to recurring prizes.

Key features

  • Advanced reward rules
  • Social media sharing
  • Team accounts
  • Multiple incentive structures
  • Downloadable reports and activity tracking
  • Referral attribution and activity tracking
  • Automatic payouts
  • Triggered emails

Price: starts at $200/month

idevaffiliate site

iDevAffiliate has been in the industry for over 20 years and is well-liked by merchants, who are also the platform’s target audience, due to its simplicity of use and wide range of features. 

The features of iDevAffiliate are designed for a range of users, from novices to specialists. Even more than 40 hours of video training are included in their built-in onboarding. Partners can use their own subdomain for their account location and inbound connections with iDevAffiliates. 

By removing any dubious connections, this increases affiliate and audience confidence. Additionally, you may post your links on social media and use backlinking to improve your SEO. However, discount codes don’t need links, making them ideal for offline marketing.

Key features

  • Unique subdomain
  • General Lead and coupon code tracking
  • Performance rewards
  • Step-by-step onboarding
  • Social media sharing and SEO linking
  • Fraud prevention and security
  • Multi-tier recruitment
  • More than 175 integrations

Price: starts at $39 a month.

21. Reditus

reditus site

Reditus is a good place to look if you’re considering using affiliate marketing to expand your SaaS business. It describes itself as a partner management solution for SaaS enterprises and has its corporate headquarters in the Netherlands. Their objective is to run a customer-focused company that can assist SaaS providers (or affiliates) in developing a new source of recurring income.

Their website claims that you may set up a partner and referral network in as little as 30 minutes. It allows you to manage partners and have complete control of them via a single platform, which will help you save time even after your program is up and running. Reditus not only offers partner management assistance, but also a marketplace where you may look for new partners.

Key features

  • Analytics
  • Team training
  • A marketplace 
  • SEO-friendly links
  • A partner agreement template

Price: They provide two premium plans with prices beginning at $39 per month in addition to a free plan. Enterprise clients can also access customer pricing.

What is an Affiliate Marketing Platform?

An affiliate marketing platform acts as a middleman for managing all aspects of an affiliate program, including enrolling new affiliates, tracking sales and clicks, managing referrals, enhancing website traffic, and distributing commission payments. By having insight into the success of various initiatives, the platform allows you to improve your affiliate marketing program.

With an affiliate marketing platform, merchants can access a network of affiliates and benefit from features such as fraud prevention and privacy protection, building trust among all involved. Some platforms even provide email and newsletter capabilities, enhancing communication with affiliates.

What to Look for in An Affiliate Marketing Software Platform

SaaS integration

The ability of affiliate marketing systems to integrate with e-commerce platforms like PayPal and Shopify is a key feature. Find one that configures your favorite programs right away. Although some systems also permit users to construct unique connectors, it is better to have as many integrations as possible.

Reports and Tracking

You need affiliate marketing software that continuously monitors clicks and purchases. You would be able to determine which of your initiatives are succeeding and which ones require improvement as a result. Additionally, a platform that provides comprehensive and thorough information to you and your affiliates will make it easier for you to plan future campaigns.

User-Friendly Interface

The interface of an affiliate marketing platform should be user-friendly not only for you, but also for other types of affiliates. You want a dashboard that provides an overview of your campaigns and their performance, while affiliates should be able to see their earnings and quickly access sharable materials. Platforms that allow all parties to personalize their dashboard to align with their brand receive extra consideration.

Customer Support and Documentation

Make sure that you and your partners can reach customer assistance on all platforms and consider both the existence of customer support and customer satisfaction levels. The ideal platform should feature a ticket system for managing urgent problems beyond business hours.

Importance of Affiliate Marketing and why you should use it

Affiliate marketing can be a beneficial and cost-effective promotional approach for small online businesses with limited marketing budgets. The advantage of affiliate marketing is that it allows you to reach more potential customers efficiently without significantly increasing marketing expenses. The main focus should be creating content, promoting your program, and managing affiliates.

Tracking is easy with affiliate marketing, making it simple to determine the return on investment. With the right software, you can monitor sales, impressions, leads, and clicks through a dashboard.

Depending on the software used, you can also focus on promoting high-ticket items for higher commission. Alternatively, if there are products with low sales, you can request your affiliates to concentrate on these to clear excess inventory


Investing in a tool can simplify managing your affiliate program and affiliates, freeing up time to focus on finding suitable affiliates and creating engaging content.

Take the time to research various tools available, as there are many options besides the 21 software solutions mentioned. The ideal tool should handle link and banner creation and administrative tasks at minimum.

Most tools offer a free trial or demo, so take advantage of this before making a financial commitment. Also, consider online reputation by checking reviews on various websites.

If you’re unsure about trying affiliate marketing, keep in mind that over 80% of brands already use affiliate programs, and 40% of marketers consider it a top strategy for acquiring new customers. With payment only for actual results, there’s little to lose by giving it a try

Frequently Asked Questions

Some of the best affiliate marketing platforms are Post Affiliate Pro, Lead Dyno, Refersion, Kartra, and InviteReferrals.

How do I create a platform for affiliate marketing?

To get started with affiliate marketing as a newbie, just take these few steps to modify your website:
Choose a platform.
Identify a niche..
Identify and join affiliate programs.
Create engaging content that will drive traffic to your affiliate site.
increase the number of clicks on your affiliate links.
turning clicks into sales.

What is Clickbank?

Clickbank is an online marketplace that specializes in digital products, such as ebooks, software, and online courses. It serves as a platform for product creators to sell their products and for affiliates to promote and earn commissions on sales. Clickbank handles the payment processing and provides tools for tracking sales and commissions.

What is the highest paying affiliate program?

It is difficult to determine the highest paying affiliate program as it can vary depending on several factors, such as the industry, product or service being offered, commission structure, and the success of the affiliate’s promotions. Some high paying affiliate programs can be found in industries such as finance, technology, and travel.

Popular affiliate programs include Amazon Associates, Commission Junction, and ShareASale. It is best to research and compare different programs to find the one that fits your niche and provides the best commission structure for your needs.

Which affiliate marketing is best for beginners?

It is advised that new affiliate marketers start with a straightforward, user-friendly platform that offers assistance and tools to affiliates. Popular affiliate marketing schemes that are suitable for newcomers include:

Amazon Associates is a reputable program with a broad selection of goods to advertise and an easy sign-up procedure.

An extensive network of advertisers and an easy-to-use interface for tracking profits and discovering fresh affiliate possibilities can be found at Commission Junction.

ShareASale: An online tool for tracking revenue and discovering fresh affiliate opportunities that has a huge network of merchants.

Rakuten Marketing: A website that promotes a variety of goods and services with an emphasis on customer care and support.

It’s crucial to pick an affiliate network that fits your specialty and offers goods or services you feel confident recommending. Moreso, before signing up for any affiliate program, it is also advised to examine the terms and conditions, commission schedule, and payment procedures.