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Generative Video

In recent years, the field of artificial intelligence has witnessed remarkable advancements in the realm of generative models. Among these groundbreaking innovations, Generative Video has emerged as an intriguing and revolutionary concept. This cutting-edge technology utilizes the power of creative algorithms to produce dynamic and lifelike video content, transforming the way we perceive and interact with moving images.

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RunDiffusion, is a cloud-based solution that simplifies the process of launching dedicated servers to access top-notch software like Automatic1111 and InvokeAi. With speedy server boot-up in approximately 2 minutes, users can effortlessly create images utilizing various pre-loaded models, and unlock the potential of image and video generation with versatile tools like ControlNet and Deforum. 

Price: Freemium. Starts at $0.50/hr

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2short allows you to repurpose your videos and expand your viewership and widen your impact by transforming lengthy videos into captivating shorts, providing an enticing sneak peek into your channel’s content. You can save valuable time on editing, as intelligently scours through your videos to highlight the most compelling moments.

Price: Freemium. Starts at $9:90/month

Wonder Dynamics

wonder dynamics

Wonder Studio is a powerful AI tool that takes charge of animating, illuminating, and arranging CG characters seamlessly within a live-action setting. By analyzing single-camera footage, this tool adeptly identifies the actor’s performance and effortlessly transfers it to the CG character, complete with automated animation, lighting, and composition. Moreover, its capabilities extend to accommodate multiple characters, and it boasts an artist community offering complimentary character resources.

Price: Freemium. Starts at $16:99/month


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Genmo represents a cutting-edge platform designed for crafting and exchanging interactive, captivating generative art. Step beyond the confines of 2D images on Genmo and unlock the ability to produce videos, 3D environments, animations, vector design resources, and a plethora of other imaginative creations.

Price: Free


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Kaiber serves as an innovative video generation platform, empowering individuals to craft personalized videos using their images or textual descriptions. With functionalities like Spotify Canvas tailored to musicians, a wellspring of inspiration for artists, content generation for creators, and enjoyable experimentation for futurists, Kaiber opens doors to unparalleled expression and pushes the boundaries of AI tools. 

Price: Free


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Leia Inc. is a company specializing in light field technology and 3D holographic displays. The term “LeiaPix” is likely associated with their advancements in the field of light field photography and imaging. Light field technology captures both the intensity and direction of light rays in a scene, allowing for more immersive and realistic 3D representations of objects and scenes.

Price: Free