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An Easy Ebook Business Model for Beginners

Starting an ebook business is a straightforward and effective way to enter the digital marketplace in 2024, even for beginners. Ebooks are versatile products that can be created, marketed, and sold with minimal overhead, making them an ideal choice for those new to online business. In this article, we will walk through the essential steps to create, set up, and promote your ebook, utilizing tools and strategies that ensure your success.

Step 1: Sourcing Your Ebook Content

Utilizing PLR (Private Label Rights) Ebooks

One of the simplest ways to start with ebook creation is by using PLR ebooks. PLR content refers to pre-made ebooks created by others, which you can legally resell and modify. Websites like Free PLR Downloads offer a wide range of ebooks in various niches, such as affiliate marketing, blogging, business, finance, parenting, and relationships.

Example: Law of Attraction PLR Ebook

Let’s consider an example where you choose a niche like the Law of Attraction. Here’s how you can proceed:

  1. Visit Free PLR Downloads: Navigate to the website and browse through the categories.
  2. Select a PLR Ebook: For instance, select a book titled “The Guide to Affirmations.”
  3. Download the Ebook: Click on the download button to get the ebook as a zip file. Extract the contents, which typically include the main ebook in PDF format and various ebook covers.

Editing the PLR Ebook

To make the ebook your own and add value, you may want to edit the content. This can involve updating the information, adding new sections, or incorporating affiliate links.

Tools for Editing

  1. Soda PDF: Use this online tool to edit your PDF documents. Upload your ebook and make necessary changes such as adding new text, inserting images, or embedding links.
  2. Google Docs: Another simple method is to copy the content into Google Docs. Here, you can easily edit the text and format it to your preference. Once done, download it as a PDF.

Step 2: Creating an Ebook from Scratch

If you prefer to create your own ebook from scratch, you can use Google Docs to write and format your content. Here’s a step-by-step guide:

Writing Your Ebook

  1. Drafting Content: Start by drafting the content in Google Docs. You can write the content yourself or use AI tools like ChatGPT to generate text.
  2. Adding Affiliate Links: Include affiliate links or calls to action within your content to monetize your ebook. For example, if your ebook is about the Law of Attraction, you can promote related products from affiliate networks like ClickBank.
  3. Formatting: Add images, headers, and a table of contents to make your ebook professional and easy to navigate.

Saving Your Ebook

Once your content is ready, save it as a PDF by going to File > Download > PDF Document in Google Docs. This format ensures that your ebook is easily shareable and readable on various devices.

Step 3: Setting Up Your Ebook for Sale

Using Becons for Linking

Becons is a platform that allows you to create a single link containing multiple URLs. This is particularly useful for promoting your ebook through social media.

Steps to Use Becons:

  1. Sign Up: Create a free account on Becons.
  2. Create a New Page: Title your page, for example, “Law of Attraction Ebook.”
  3. Add Links: Use the “Add a Block” feature to include links to your ebook. You can also add other elements like email sign-ups or videos.

Sharing Your Ebook Link

To share your ebook, use the “Share” function in Google Docs to get a link to your document. Set the sharing settings to “Anyone with the link” and copy the URL. Paste this URL into your Becons account to create a consolidated link for promotion. ebook business 1

Step 4: Promoting Your Ebook

Social Media Marketing

Promotion is crucial to the success of your ebook. Utilize various social media platforms to reach your audience:

  1. Instagram: Use posts and stories to showcase your ebook. Include the Beon link in your bio.
  2. TikTok: Create short videos discussing topics related to your ebook and direct viewers to your link in bio.
  3. YouTube: Publish videos that delve into the subjects covered in your ebook. Include the link in the video description.
  4. Facebook and X (formerly Twitter): Share posts, join groups, and participate in discussions related to your niche.

Content Creation

Create content that aligns with the theme of your ebook. This can be in various formats:

  1. Video Content: Record videos of yourself discussing relevant topics or create slideshows with voiceovers.
  2. Text Content: Write articles or blog posts that provide value and subtly promote your ebook.
  3. AI Tools: Use AI tools like ChatGPT to generate content ideas, write articles, or even script videos.

Utilizing Medium and Quora

Beyond traditional social media, platforms like Medium and Quora can help you reach a wider audience:

  1. Medium: Write articles related to your ebook and include links to your Beon account or directly to your ebook.
  2. Quora: Participate in spaces and answer questions in your niche, incorporating links to your ebook where relevant.

Step 5: Building an Email List

Email marketing is a powerful tool for ebook promotion. Offer your ebook as a free download in exchange for email addresses to build a subscriber list.

Steps to Build an Email List:

  1. Create a Landing Page: Use platforms like Mailchimp or ConvertKit to create a landing page where visitors can sign up to receive your ebook.
  2. Promote the Landing Page: Share the link to your landing page on social media and other platforms.
  3. Engage Subscribers: Regularly send valuable content to your subscribers, keeping them engaged and informed about new releases or offers.


Starting an ebook business is a feasible and rewarding venture for beginners. By leveraging PLR content, creating your own ebooks, and effectively using tools like Beon and social media platforms, you can establish a successful ebook business. Focus on providing valuable content, building a robust email list, and engaging with your audience through consistent promotion and quality offerings.

Whether you’re looking to generate passive income, share your knowledge, or build a brand, an ebook business provides a flexible and scalable opportunity to achieve your goals. Follow these steps, and you’ll be well on your way to launching a profitable ebook business in 2024.