10 Best Digistore24 Products in 2024 and How To Promote Them

In the ever-evolving landscape of affiliate marketing, staying ahead of the curve is paramount for success. As we step into 2024, the Digistore24 platform continues to be a goldmine for affiliate marketers, offering a diverse range of high-converting products across various niches.

In this guide, I’ll unveil the top 10 Digistore24 products handpicked by me and delve into effective strategies on how to promote them.

tube mastery site

Commissions $210

Niche: Wealth

Tube Mastery is a YouTube course by Matt Par and is a popular course that basically teaches individuals how to start a and grow a YouTube channel without showing their face.

This is a high ticket product that pays you up to $210 and is one of my most profitable affiliate product to date.

This is a successful product mainly because many people want to get into content creation and YouTube being one of the best paying platforms, they are quickly drawn to it and you will find most people who are selling a course on YouTube are profitable.

Tube Mastery has a well detailed sales page that users can get all the basic information they need to get started. Additionally, an affiliate marketing page that provides you with the tools and resources you need to promote the product effectively.

2. Aizen Power

aizen site

Commissions $129

Niche: Health

Aizen Power is a male enhancement health supplement on Digistore24 that pays you upto $129 per sale. Male enhancement products are popular and they tend to make lots of money in adult films.

I have seen people make as much as $50,000 promoting male enhancement supplements and this is mainly because they promote them in adult websites which get millions of views per month which is a multi-billion dollar industry.


millionaire secrets site

Commissions $11

Niche: Wealth

This is make money online product that offers a guide on how to make money on Instagram, Dropshipping, Amazon FBA, and guides on affiliate marketing. 

The reason why this is third on the list is because this is a low-ticket affiliate product. Low-ticket products tend to sell more than high ticket because most people who are trying to get into starting an online business tend to have no or little money to spend and the Millionaire Secrets is great product that is one of my best-selling affiliate products.

Additionally, its got a lengthy well detailed sales page giving the visitor more than enough information to get started.

4. His Secret Obsession

secret obsession site

Commissions $28

Niche: Relationship

His Secret Obsession is a digital product aimed at women who mainly want to get back their exes as well as those who want to spice up their relationships.

This is another product that I have had great results with and is because of two main reasons. One is that this product has a great affiliate support page. You pretty much find all the tools you need such as image banners, ad copies, email swipes, testimonials, video sales letters, and more to get you started quickly.

Secondly, this product falls under the relationship niche which is one of the biggest niches in affiliate marketing. There are lots of people who are in relationships where they are having challenges that they would want to resolve and this product gives them the solutions they need.

5. Make Him Worship You

worship him site

Commissions $27

Niche: Relationship

Make Him Worship You is a similar product to His Secret Obsession in the same niche and also targets women. Its also a low ticket product which makes it affordable for its customers and also offers great support for affiliates.

It has also made lots of sales and commissions for affiliates and if you want to promote products under less competitive niches, this is one of them.

6. Social Media Freelance Jobs

social media jobs site

Commissions $7

Niche: Employment

This is one of the best-performing products in the employment niche that pays its users up to $30 an hour to perform social media online tasks after taking up a survey.

This is a great product to promote because there are lots of people who would like to get paid buy doing social media jobs that require a fairly small amount of work.

It is a service that pays affiliates up to 85% recurring lifetime commissions which translates to $275 per sale, and this makes it a very attractive product for affiliates.

7. Perpetual Income 365

perpetual income site

Commissions $27

Niche: Wealth

Perpetual Income is a make-money online digital product and also a low-ticket product making it affordable.

What makes this product an easy sell is that it has a convincing video sales letter giving the users the seller’s back story to how he makes thousands in sales. Furthermore, it has testimonials from students who have benefited from the course.

Additionally, the affiliates page offers lots of resources as well as a video tutorial on how the system works on the backend.

8. Medicinal Garden Kit

gardening kit site

Commissions $43

Niche: Health

The Medicinal Garden Kit is a product that I recently got into and so far I am satisfied with the results. It is targeted at people who want to get into gardening or looking to learn how to grow medicinal plants.

It is not only a low-ticket product but also less saturated with a supportive affiliate page.

This is a unique and fast-growing niche that not so many affiliates have tapped into and if you want to be profitable in affiliate marketing, I highly recommend this niche.

9. Lean Bliss

lean bliss site

Commissions $147

Niche: Health

Lean Bliss is another health supplement that pays $147 in commissions. It helps in balancing sugar levels as well as helps in reducing weight which combines two sub niches in health.

Thousands of people are suffering from high sugar levels eventually ending up getting diabetes as well as those trying to lose weight and this is a great product you can use to target those individuals.

10. Training Your Dogs And Cats

training your pets site

Commissions $14

Niche: Animal

This is a digital product that shows pet owners how to train their pets and is also a low-ticket product which means you can sell lots of this item adding up in affiliate commissions per month.

The animal niche is a great category to get into because if you think about it, millions of people around the world have either a cat or a dog or both and this is a product that helps mainly new pet owners to train their pets.

How To Promote Digistore24 Products

There are different ways to promote affiliate products, particularly Digistore24, but very few are effective. Here I’m going to show you one of the best ways to promote affiliate products not only from Digistore24 but also from other affiliate networks and programs.

The best marketing method today is creating videos. This applies not only in affiliate marketing but also in any digital space because videos are more visually stimulating compared to articles and still images and here is how you can go about it.

Step1. Create a niche-focused TikTok, YouTube, and Instagram account. 

These are the best video social media platforms that will get you free traffic, especially with TikTok. Most of my traffic sources have been from TikTok for different affiliate products.

Step2. Download affiliate resources and tools from the product page.

Most affiliate products on Digistore24 have resources you can use such as email swipes that you can use on video, image banners, and more. You can simply use these resources on video using tools like Canva.

Step3. Get affiliate links and shorten them. 

Most social media platforms don’t allow affiliate links from affiliate networks because they tend to have a bad reputation for listing scammy or low-quality products and so it makes sense to hide or shorten affiliate links.

Step4. Post links on bio.

After you have posted content on these social media platforms, you can now post your shortened links on your bio. TikTok will not let you post a clickable link on bio until you get to 1000 followers but YouTube and Instagram will allow you to. 

On your videos, you can place a call-to-action prompting your viewers to click the link on bio to get more information of the product(usually the sales page) where by they can make a decision to buy the product which then earns you a commission.

This is a strategy that can make you passive income if you are consistent and you can learn more about it in detail by watching this video.