maxbounty review

Unveiling the Pros and Cons of MaxBounty in 2024

Affiliate marketing has become an integral part of online businesses, with marketers often starting their journey with well-known networks like Amazon, CJ, or Rakuten Advertising. However, for those seeking a different path with higher payout rates and familiar products, exploring CPA (Cost Per Action) offers is a compelling option. In this detailed MaxBounty review, we’ll delve into the intricacies of this well-established network, examining its signup process, the brands it partners with, user experience, affiliate programs, link creation, payment methods, and more.

MaxBounty: A Stalwart Since 2004

One of the standout features of MaxBounty is its longevity in the industry, having operated since 2004. This longevity brings a level of trust and stability that newer networks might lack. While specializing in CPA offers, MaxBounty also provides a diverse range of CPS (Cost Per Sale) offers, ensuring affiliates aren’t limited to specific niches. The review process for MaxBounty, however, can be somewhat cumbersome, requiring affiliates to go through a detailed eight-step signup form. The process includes providing contact details, address information, and specifics about your site and preferred MaxBounty campaigns.

Brands and Offers

MaxBounty boasts an impressive portfolio of brands, dispelling the notion that CPA offers are solely focused on niche or obscure products. While there are indeed offers like life insurance or weight-loss supplements, MaxBounty includes renowned brands in its network. Approximately 20% of the offers feature these big names, offering affiliates a chance to promote products or services with widespread recognition.

User Experience

The user interface of MaxBounty, while functional, may seem overwhelming to first-time users. The dashboard is densely packed with information, presenting a full page of offers, each resembling a mini landing page. Unlike some other networks, MaxBounty lacks extensive training resources within its interface. However, the platform does feature a unique internal rewards system called “MaxMoney,” providing affiliates with opportunities to earn points through monthly competitions.

Finding Affiliate Programs

Navigating the MaxBounty dashboard to find suitable affiliate programs involves utilizing the ‘Browse’ option. The platform offers various tabs such as ‘New Campaigns,’ ‘Top Campaigns,’ ‘Trending Campaigns,’ and more. Unlike platforms like ClickBank, MaxBounty requires affiliates to apply for approval before promoting individual advertisers. Affiliates must receive their first payment from MaxBounty, typically from CPS offers, before gaining access to promote CPA advertisers.

Creating Affiliate Links

MaxBounty simplifies the process of creating affiliate links through its ‘Tracking Link Builder.’ Affiliates can choose the type of traffic, creative elements, and landing pages, making it a three-step process. The platform allows for the setup of sub-IDs and tracking pixels, offering a fluid and intuitive link creation experience.

Getting Paid

Earning commissions through MaxBounty comes with a net-15 payment term, meaning earnings from a given month are paid on the 15th of the following month. Once affiliates accumulate enough earnings to trigger a payment, they are automatically placed on a weekly payment schedule. Payment options include check, eCheck, direct deposit, wire transfer, and Payoneer, with commissions converted into the local currency of the affiliate.

Publisher Help

MaxBounty falls short in terms of support resources, lacking a comprehensive knowledge base or support forum. While dedicated affiliate managers are available, the absence of a robust helpdesk or FAQ section within the affiliate dashboard may leave affiliates seeking assistance via direct communication.

User Reviews

Reviewing feedback from users provides a mixed perspective on MaxBounty. Positive reviews highlight the well-designed interface, the array of CPS offers from prominent brands, and the intuitive link-creation tool. On the flip side, negative reviews often revolve around account terminations, with some users expressing frustration over abrupt closures after earning commissions.

Pros and Cons


  • Well-designed interface with thousands of CPS and CPA offers.
  • Diverse portfolio featuring big brand names.
  • Excellent search functionality for finding relevant offers.
  • High commission rates, often exceeding $50 or 50% per sale or lead.
  • Intuitive link creation tool and MaxMoney promotions.
  • Dedicated affiliate managers for personalized assistance.


  • Lengthy signup process with slow account approval.
  • Account termination risk for suspected fraudulent activity.
  • Lack of a comprehensive helpdesk or support forum.
  • Absence of an option for creating deep links.


In conclusion, MaxBounty stands out as a robust affiliate marketing network with a history dating back to 2004. Despite its somewhat lengthy signup process and the potential for account terminations, the platform offers a well-designed interface, diverse brand partnerships, and an intuitive link creation tool. Affiliates considering MaxBounty should weigh the pros and cons carefully, considering factors like their experience level, preferred niche, and risk tolerance. As with any affiliate network, diversification is key, and users are advised not to rely solely on one platform for their marketing efforts.