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11 Best Ad Spy Tools of 2024

Keeping an eye on your competitors is more important than ever as the field of online advertising becomes more and more competitive. Ad spying technologies can give you insightful information on the tactics of your rivals, giving you a competitive advantage and enhancing your own campaigns.

The top 8 best ad spy tools are listed in this article so you can keep tabs on your competitors’ advertising campaigns. These tools provide a variety of capabilities that let you monitor the ad placements, wording, and creatives of your competitors, giving you an advantage in the advertising game.

These ad spy tools can assist you in achieving your objectives, whether you’re a marketer trying to stay ahead of the curve or a business owner trying to enhance conversions. By employing these tools, you may acquire a better understanding of your competitors’ advertising techniques, optimize your own campaigns, and ultimately drive more traffic and income for your organization.

So without further ado, let’s get started with the top 8 ad spy tools that can keep you one step ahead of the competition and advance your advertising strategies.



  • Including ads from 9+ major social networks
  • Daily trending Ads picked by big data
  • Massive and profitable database over 1 billion ads
  • Site Audit
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  • All-in-One Tool
  • Access to Winning Products
  • In-Depth Advertising Analysis
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Global Reach
  • Affordable and Flexible Pricing
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  • See campaigns running in over 75 countries
  • Desktop popup traffic sources
  • Download every landing page
  • Real time insights

1. BigSpy

bigspy site

BigSpy is a social media analytics application that offers a free package which is great because you can get to test it for as long as you want until you decide to upgrade. And it starts at only $9 a month which makes it the cheapest and most popular ad spy tool.

BigSpy enables enables users to track and examine information from multiple social media networks. It offers insights into competitor analysis, audience demographics, and social media trends.

Users of BigSpy can keep tabs on websites and apps including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, and Pinteres as well as observe the evolution of social media indicators including engagement, likes, shares, comments, and follower numbers. Users can also make custom dashboards and reports to track their progress and research social media trends.

Ad intelligence, influencer marketing, social media listening, and trend analysis are just a few of the things that BigSpy provides. Additionally, users can track and examine competitor ads using its ad intelligence function to learn more about their advertising tactics


  • Including ads from 9+ major social networks
  • Daily trending Ads picked by big data
  • Massive and profitable database over 1 billion ads
  • Daily discovering new ideas or niches tracked by thousands of users
  • Tracking performance curve or ad scheduling by your own preference


Starts at $9/month

2. Minea

minea site

Minea is a revolutionary tool designed to empower e-commerce businesses with comprehensive market intelligence. It provides invaluable insights into product research, advertising strategies, and creative campaigns, giving businesses a competitive edge in the digital marketplace.

Minea streamlines the product research process by analyzing online advertising data. It helps businesses find potential winning products quickly and efficiently. With Minea, businesses can make data-driven decisions about the products they offer.


  • All-in-One Tool
  • Access to Winning Products
  • In-Depth Advertising Analysis
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Global Reach
  • Affordable and Flexible Pricing


Minea gives you 500 free credits and pricing starts from $51 per month.

poweradspy site

Poweradspy is an online tool designed to help digital marketers, advertisers, and business owners monitor and analyze their competitors’ Facebook and Instagram advertising campaigns. The platform provides users with comprehensive data on their competitors’ ads, including ad copy, creatives, landing pages, targeting, and more.

Poweradspy allows users to search for specific keywords or phrases to find ads that are most relevant to their industry or niche. Users can filter their search results based on a range of parameters, such as ad type, location, language, and engagement metrics. The tool also enables users to track the performance of their competitors’ ads, including the number of likes, comments, shares, and click-through rates.


  • Analyze ad strategies
  • Breakdown ad components
  • Dashboard Personalization
  • Dynamic Device Compatibility


Starts at $49/month

adplexity site

AdPlexity is a web-based ad intelligence platform that enables customers to track and examine the marketing strategies of their competitors across a variety of media, such as desktop and mobile web, native ads, push notifications, and in-app advertisements. 

The platform is made for online marketers, affiliate marketers, and eCommerce companies who want to learn more about the advertising tactics of their competitors and find untapped growth potential.

Users can access a variety of features and tools through AdPlexity to track the campaigns of their competitors. They include sophisticated search and filtering options, real-time campaign monitoring, extensive information on ad creatives, landing sites, and targeting possibilities, and thorough reports and analytics.


  • See campaigns running in over 75 countries
  • Desktop popup traffic sources
  • Download every landing page
  • Real-time insight on campaigns running on desktop ad exchanges
  • Find ads promoting affiliate offers from 100 affiliate networks


Starts at $199/month

5. AdSpy

adspy site

Adspy is a social media advertising intelligence tool that lets users monitor and analyze data from various social media platforms. It provides information on social media advertising campaigns, competitor analysis, and audience targeting strategies.

AdSpy provides users with an extensive range of search options that are not available in any other Ad Intelligence Tool. This enables users to find the data they need, in a way that suits their requirements. Users can perform searches in the traditional way, such as ad text, URL or page name. 

Additionally, users can search for authentic data from user reactions in advertisement comments. Users have the flexibility to filter and search rigorously by affiliate network, affiliate ID, Offer ID, landing page technologies, or any other criterion that helps them locate the relevant information to work with.


  • Enhanced basic search
  • Acurate Demographics
  • Search Through Comments
  • Rapid Interface
  • Big Data


Adspy has a single plan at $149/month

6. Anstrex

anstrex site

Anstrex is an impressive tool for monitoring and analyzing your competitors’ ad campaigns. It allows you to observe the ads created by your competitors and learn from their strategies, which you can use to create your own campaigns. 

Using Anstrex saves you time that would otherwise be spent on research. The data provided by Anstrex is accurate and covers major countries, with the best-quality residential proxies available.

Anstrex provides understandable data for all users. If you want to filter ad copies, you can use parameters such as country, category, tracking tools, affiliate network, ad network, and devices. Additionally, you can sort ads by duration, popularity, date, etc. You can also use specific keywords to find precise ad copies.


  • More Ad Networks
  • Multitude of Filters & Sorting Options
  • Advanced Boolean Searching
  • Keyword Searches
  • Scrape any landing page with a built-in downloader


Starts at $69.99/month

adexpresso site

If you are engaged in paid advertising, social media platforms are likely to be your primary sources of traffic. AdEspresso is an ideal choice if you manage ad campaigns on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter and wish to monitor your competitors’ ads. 

AdExpresso offers a complete package that helps you identify weaknesses in your ad campaigns, perform split tests to discover the most effective ad copies, and measure their performance.

AdEspresso is particularly excellent in ad spying. It enables you to compare your ad campaigns with those of your competitors and discover the factors that drive conversions. Additionally, AdEspresso includes an extensive Ad Gallery that you can use to monitor your competitors’ ads and gain inspiration for creating ad copies.


  • Manage all your advertising campaigns in one place
  • Analyze your campaigns and get actionable insights
  • Collaborate effectively with your teams and clients
  • Grow your ads skills with the AdEspresso University
  • Easily Create Your Advertising Campaigns Across Multiple Channels in Minutes


Starts at $49/month

8. Adbeat

adbeat site

Adbeat is a highly professional ad spying software that is especially suitable for large companies and agencies that run extensive ad campaigns and handle significant amounts of data. Its main focus is on data and it provides unparalleled insights into the world of paid advertising.

Adbeat can reveal all your competitors and expose their strategies, creative approaches, ad spending, media usage, networks, and much more. Apart from competitor ad spying, Adbeat provides numerous interactive features to help you optimize your campaigns, make the most of your ad spend, and achieve optimal results.


  • Complete Country & Device Data
  • Data On Over 90+ Ad Networks
  • Competitive Monitoring
  • Valuable reports and automated alerts


Starts at $249/month

pathmatic site

Pathmatics is a versatile ad intelligence platform that provides publishers with valuable insights about paid ad campaigns across various channels. Pathmatics covers almost all platforms advertisers use to drive traffic to their offers or landing pages.

Pathmatics also offers a variety of tools for businesses to evaluate their paid advertising performance and compare it to that of their competitors. In summary, Pathmatics offers a complete package that enables businesses to measure their advertising campaign’s performance and obtain critical insights into their competitors’ ad strategies.


  • Find creatives that resonate
  • Analyze trends and spends
  • Explore insights across channels
  • Evaluate your competitor’s marketing campaigns
  • Discover digital insights tailored for your business


The pricing information is not revealed upfront. Instead, it can be obtained upon request and is determined by the specific needs of the business.

10. SpyFu

spyfu site

SpyFu is a comprehensive search marketing tool that provides a wide range of features for optimizing SEO and PPC (Pay-Per-Click) campaigns. It allows users to gain insights into their competitors’ strategies and improve their own digital marketing efforts.

SpyFu provides access to backlink strategies, ranking history, and top-performing pages, helping users make informed SEO decisions as well as offering keyword tracking and custom reporting.


  • SEO Insights
  • PPC Analysis
  • Competitive Intelligence
  • Project Management
  • Custom Reports
  • Competitor Research


Starts at $39 per month

11. SocialPeta

socialpeta site

SocialPeta is an ad intelligence platform designed to help marketers and advertisers gain insights into the advertising strategies of their competitors and make data-driven decisions for their own marketing campaigns. It offers a range of features to analyze and monitor advertising efforts across various platforms and industries.

SocialPeta provides access to a vast database of over 1.3 billion ad creatives from 69 countries and 70 mainstream advertising channels, including Unity, Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, TikTok, and more allowing users to find inspiration and creative ideas for their marketing campaigns.


  • Ads Creatives Intelligence
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Competitive Intelligence
  • Cost Intelligence
  • E-commerce Analytics
  • Advertising Data


Comes with a free trial but more is upon customer request.

FAQs on Ad Spy Tools:

  1. What are Ad Spy Tools? Ad Spy Tools are software applications or online platforms designed to monitor and collect data on digital advertisements from various sources, such as social media platforms, search engines, and display networks. They allow users to gain insights into their competitors’ ad strategies and discover new trends in the advertising landscape.

  2. How do Ad Spy Tools work? Ad Spy Tools use web crawlers and data scraping techniques to collect information from different advertising platforms. They analyze ad creatives, ad copies, landing pages, and other relevant data, providing users with comprehensive details on their competitors’ advertising activities.

  3. What data can I find using Ad Spy Tools? Ad Spy Tools offer a wide range of data, including the types of ads your competitors are running, their ad placements, the keywords they are targeting, and the performance metrics of their ads. Additionally, you may find information on their ad spend, ad frequency, and the geographic locations they are targeting.

  4. Are Ad Spy Tools legal to use? While Ad Spy Tools themselves are legal, their use may be subject to the terms and conditions of individual advertising platforms. It is essential to comply with the policies set by each platform to avoid any legal issues. Ethical usage of Ad Spy Tools, respecting competitors’ intellectual property rights, and adhering to industry guidelines are vital for responsible use.

  5. Can Ad Spy Tools benefit my advertising strategy? Yes, absolutely! Ad Spy Tools can provide valuable insights into your competitors’ successful advertising tactics and help you identify gaps in the market. This information can be used to refine your own advertising campaigns, improve targeting, and create more compelling ad creatives to resonate better with your audience.

  6. Do Ad Spy Tools cover all advertising platforms? Most Ad Spy Tools cover a wide range of popular advertising platforms, including Facebook, Google Ads, Instagram, YouTube, and more. However, the coverage may vary depending on the specific tool you choose. It’s essential to select a tool that supports the platforms most relevant to your advertising efforts.

  7. Are Ad Spy Tools suitable for all businesses? Ad Spy Tools can be beneficial for businesses of all sizes and industries. Whether you’re a small startup or an established enterprise, using these tools can help you stay ahead of your competition, optimize your ad campaigns, and make data-driven decisions to maximize your advertising ROI.

  8. How frequently should I use Ad Spy Tools? The frequency of using Ad Spy Tools depends on your advertising goals and industry dynamics. Regular monitoring of your competitors’ activities is recommended to keep up with the ever-changing advertising landscape and identify new opportunities.

  9. Can Ad Spy Tools help with keyword research? Yes, Ad Spy Tools can be valuable for keyword research as they provide insights into the keywords your competitors are targeting in their ads. This information can help you discover relevant keywords to incorporate into your own campaigns and expand your reach to potential customers.

  10. Are there any free Ad Spy Tools available? While some Ad Spy Tools offer free trials or limited free versions, comprehensive and advanced features often come with a subscription fee. It’s essential to evaluate the features, data coverage, and pricing options before choosing an Ad Spy Tool that best suits your needs.

  11. What are the Facebook ad spy tools? There were several Facebook ad spy tools available that marketers could use to gain insights into their competitors’ Facebook advertising strategies. Here are some popular Facebook ad spy tools:
  • AdSpy: AdSpy is a comprehensive Facebook ad spy tool that allows users to search and view ads running on Facebook and Instagram. It provides detailed information on ad performance metrics, audience targeting, and landing pages.

  • SocialPeta: SocialPeta is a competitive intelligence tool that covers various social media platforms, including Facebook. It enables users to discover and analyze competitor ads, creatives, and audience engagement.

  • PowerAdSpy: PowerAdSpy is another Facebook ad spy tool that helps users uncover successful ad campaigns and landing pages on Facebook and other platforms. It provides data on ad engagement and targeting.

  • AdEspresso by Hootsuite: AdEspresso is a Facebook ad management tool that also offers ad spying capabilities. Users can see their competitors’ ads, track performance, and gain insights to improve their own campaigns.

  • BigSpy: BigSpy is a social media ad intelligence platform that covers Facebook and other major social media networks. It allows users to search and analyze ad creatives, copy, and performance metrics.

  • AdInplorer: AdInplorer is a Facebook ad spy tool that focuses on providing insights into competitors’ Facebook ads, allowing users to view creatives, ad copy, and landing pages.

  • SpyFu: While primarily known as an SEO and keyword research tool, SpyFu also offers some social media ad intelligence features, including Facebook ad spying.

12. Which is the best AdSpy tool?

To find the best AdSpy tool for your specific requirements, consider the following factors:

  1. Features: Evaluate the features offered by each tool and see if they align with your objectives. Look for capabilities such as ad search, performance metrics tracking, audience targeting analysis, and landing page insights.

  2. Data Coverage: Check which advertising platforms the tool covers. Some tools focus solely on Facebook, while others may support multiple social media platforms and search engines.

  3. Data Accuracy: Accuracy of the data is crucial for making informed decisions. Look for tools with reliable data sources and regular updates.

  4. User Interface: An intuitive and user-friendly interface can make a significant difference in the ease of use and efficiency of the tool.

  5. Pricing: Consider your budget and compare the pricing plans of different tools. Some tools offer free trials or limited free versions, which can help you assess their suitability before committing to a subscription.

  6. Customer Support: Good customer support can be valuable, especially when you encounter issues or have questions about the tool.

  7. Reviews and Reputation: Read user reviews and testimonials to gauge the experiences of other marketers with the tools you are considering.

Wrapping Up

In conclusion, advertising spy tools are a valuable resource for marketers looking to gain insights into their competitors’ advertising strategies. The eight ad spy tools we have discussed offer unique features and functionalities to help businesses stay ahead in their industry. 

From competitor ad analysis to keyword research and trend tracking, these tools provide a comprehensive view of the advertising landscape. Ultimately, selecting the best tool for your business will depend on your specific needs and budget. However, with the right ad spy tool, you can stay on top of the latest advertising trends, optimize your own ad campaigns, and outperform your competition.

Read Tips and tricks for getting the most out of ad spy tools. This will give you a better understanding on these tools and guide you on how to choose the best ad spy tools for your business.